Product Update | relegenDNA Mobile (iOS)

Relegen has released new update for its new relegenDNA Mobile iOS application which is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

This latest update for relegenDNA Mobile (v3.1.7) delivers over 16 fixes, security updates, performance enhancements and new features to the app’s core technologies and capabilities.

You can read the original product announcement regarding the launch of relegenDNA Mobile here.

This update includes:

  • New ability which enables users to type text addresses into the advanced mapper field and the system will save it as a valid location.
  • New ability to configure mobile workflows, which upon scanning an RFID tag, will automatically present users with a popup and the ability to capture a photo and/or associate an image from the mobile phone gallery, of the asset or point of interest.
  • New ability to build formulas into the Scan Validation function of relegenDNA Mobile workflow apps. An example of a formula might be when a user scans an RFID tag with a DNA ID that ends in ‘abc’ then display a custom message, instruction, warning or notification, enhancing relegenDNA Mobile’s powerful workflow automation capabilities.
  • New ability for users to step backwards and forwards through mobile workflow pages and be assured that all data already entered is saved automatically.
  • New mobile workflow quick search function, enhancing relegenDNA Mobile’s ease-of-use and efficiency.
  • Multiple enhancements in terms of app speed, performance and usability.

For more information on this release, including full software release notes, users can log into Relegen’s online support portal.

Please email if you require assistance setting up an account.