New Video: Managing Mission-Critical Assets With RFID

Does your organisation need to keep track of key assets such as people, property, plant and equipment, or inventory items such as tools, PPE, medical, IT or mobile devices, important files or documents and the like? If so, then you might be interested in our new video about RFID for mission-critical asset management.

This latest video showcases assetDNA’s integration with RFID asset tracking technology for the management of mission-critical assets such as weapons, protective equipment, search and rescue gear, and other items managed by armouries and supply departments. Whilst the video is based on a project we undertook for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, it equally applies to any organisation that has critical assets which need to be tracked in a secure and timely manner.

assetDNA is a fully-integrated software-tagging-mobile asset intelligence technology solution, originally developed for the Australian Defence Force [ADF] and used by law enforcement, emergency services, mining, manufacturing, waste & recycling organisations and more. The system works to create a single point of truth and an agency-wide view of the identity, history, future events, and movement of all assets, in near real-time. Key to the system is the ‘DNA’ – a global unique identifier – which can be assigned to any and all assets. This asset ID can then be passed onto operational assets using barcode or RFID asset tagging systems to automate the collection of operational data using assetDNA’s mobile apps. These features, and more, are covered in the new video, as well as a short demonstration of the ‘Issue’, ‘Receipt’ and ‘Transfer’ mobile apps.

This latest video is ideal for organisations exploring RFID technology for improving the management of high-risk and mission-critical items. Click here to watch it on It’s also playing on the assetDNA and Relegen YouTube channels. It’s free and runs for just over 5 minutes. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how RFID could be put to work for your organisation, please contact us!