UHF RFID For IT Asset Management Applications

If you are looking to improve IT asset utilisation, the accuracy and efficiency of IT audits, maximise depreciation deductions or reduce the costs associated with missing or lost equipment, then you might be interested in a cost-effective UHF RFID solution we are delivering for a client as part of an asset intelligence technology roll-out.

Our client, who is the Australian division of a global professional services and investment management firm, needed a system that would accurately track, and simplify, the processes of issuing, receipting and loaning [asset check in/check out] IT assets to staff. As part of the project, IT assets will be tagged with a self-adhesive UHF RFID label and encoded with a global unique identifier [GUID]. Data will be captured using the assetDNA mobile application on hand-held UHF RFID PDA. Additionally, the UHF RFID label will feature the GUID printed as a barcode and a human readable number for maximum flexibility. Relegen will also supply covert security identifiers with this project, so that if a piece of equipment was lost or stolen and the RFID removed, the owner can still be identified.

assetDNA for IT Asset Management

The assetDNA solution will deliver many benefits for the organisation. Automatic data-driven audit trails will provide accurate records of who received what piece of IT equipment and when. Asset lifecycle management capabilities will track items as they move through defined business processes and flag items that are due for return, servicing or replacement. Documents such as warranties, manuals and more can be stored with asset records for easy access. IT audits will also be faster and easier and able to be done more regularly. What is more, users with appropriate conditions will be able to access and update IT asset data on the spot via the relegenDNA Mobile application.

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