Media Release: Relegen Boosting Feature-Set For Newly-Released riskDNA

Rolling updates to introduce extensive multi-lingual support, tools for creating JSA/JESA’s, enhanced options for managing risk assessment actions, a full-featured web edition and more…

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 24 March, 2015 – Relegen, a leading supplier of people and technology solutions to Defence, government, mining and industry, today announced a raft of new risk management features for its recently-launched riskDNA software which will cement its foothold as the leading enterprise risk intelligence solution, globally. These new features include extensive multi-lingual support for today’s multinational organisations, powerful tools for creating Job Safety Analysis’s [JSA’s] and Job Safety Environment Analysis [JSEA’s] more options for managing actions resulting from risk assessments, a full-featured web edition and more.

With current global uncertainty and the increasing complexity and interdependency of business risks, the need to improve enterprise risk management is gathering momentum across all industry sectors in Australia and around the world. This trend is also reflected in industry analyst IDC’s most recent report on risk technology expenditure forecasts the market to grow to $79.2 billion in 2015 and $97.3 billion by 2018, representing a 7.2% compound annual growth rate and one which is higher than previous forecasts.

“In today’s jittery global economy, organisations must develop a single view of all risks, a common methodology for assessing those risks, and a common set of metrics that will improve risk-based decision-making across the business – from operations at remote sites right through to the boardroom,” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Managing Director. “This is where riskDNA and its control-centred risk intelligence [C2RI] methodology delivers. And, we are actively working to extend its market-leading position by investing in new features such as multi-lingual support, tools for creating JSA’s and JSEA’s, support for Windows tablets, a browser-based application for flexible web deployment and more. We are extremely excited about the future of this technology.”

The new features for riskDNA will be rolled-out progressively over the next few months and released to customers from April 2015 onwards. Highlights will include:

  • Extensive, flexible multi-lingual support to meet the needs of today’s diverse global enterprises
  • A powerful wizard builder for developing templates to capture specific sets of risk data such as a Job Safety Analysis [JSA] and Job Safety and Environmental Analysis [JSEA]
  • Enhanced email notifications, triggers and alert capabilities for delivering critical risk information to the right individuals
  • Enhanced options when creating actions following predicted risk assessments
  • New visual data analysis tools for exploring and comparing risk values over time
  • Ability to chart overdue and outstanding actions resulting from a risk assessment
  • Improved useability and security of risk intelligence reports and charting
  • New attribute validation feature which can automatically alert or warn when a value falls outside of a range
  • Improved useability and security of risk intelligence reports
  • New report builder tool which enables users to create their own ad hoc reports
  • Expanded support for MS Windows tablets [such as a ruggedised Toughbook] up to MS Windows 8
  • An enhanced front-end GUI which makes riskDNA even easier and more intuitive to use
  • A new full-featured, stand-alone web-edition offering organisations more flexible deployment options.

Relegen will expand upon these exciting new and enhanced features for riskDNA in a series of announcements over the coming weeks and months. riskDNA can be deployed as a standalone risk management solution or with Relegen’s assetDNA enterprise asset intelligence solution and integrated with corporate information systems. To learn more, and download a copy of the extended Orica Limited Case Study, visit our riskDNA enterprise risk intelligence product page.