Media Release: New Enterprise Asset Management Industry Whitepaper

‘Asset Intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now’

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 12 NOVEMBER, 2013 – Organisations can improve enterprise asset management, lower costs, reduce risk, improve safety, security and compliance with asset intelligence says Relegen, a leading supplier of people and technology solutions to Defence, maritime, law enforcement, mining and asset-intensive industries, in a new asset management industry whitepaper released today.

In a free-to-download paper entitled ‘Asset Intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now’, the company argues that despite significant investment in corporate information systems, most organisations continue to struggle with poor asset data – siloed data that is often incomplete or out of date and exposing them to a myriad of business risks.

To overcome this, Relegen believes that organisations need to develop a new competence – asset intelligence – a complete, accurate and true picture of their business capabilities so they can make better business decisions using asset data they can trust.

“In today’s complex and globally competitive economy, organisations must do more than simply maintain or manage assets. They need to gather the intelligence required for enterprise-level decisions that drive asset optimisation and maximise returns across the business in a timely way.” said Paul Bennett, Relegen’s Managing Director. “To do this, organisations must work to bridge the gap – the gap between data and assets, fiction and fact, between corporate strategy and operational reality. Better asset knowledge management or asset intelligence as we call it, is the missing link.”

Relegen’s whitepaper cites recent industry research and real-world case studies in an exploration of how asset intelligence technology can help organisations improve the quality of data in corporate information systems and drive performance in ways that outpace traditional approaches to asset management. It also covers topics like:

  • The holy grail: A single source of truth
  • What is an asset? Challenging traditional assumptions
  • Evaluating the importance of identifying assets as globally unique
  • Asset tagging technologies for real-time, real world insights
  • Using mobile apps to improve asset data quality, and profitability
  • Harnessing asset intelligence technology to transform legacy information into trusted asset data
  • Putting asset intelligence to work and using it to drive organisational performance
  • The future of asset intelligence. Could it be crowdsourced?

The whitepaper is available as a free registered download from our evaluate section immediately.