New Enterprise Asset Management Industry White Paper Released

‘Asset Intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now’

Relegen has just recently published a new white paper called ‘Asset Intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now’. We commissioned this paper to help executives and asset managers gain a better understanding of enterprise asset intelligence technology and the ways it can be put to work across their organisations to improve enterprise asset management.

The new white paper cites recent industry research and real-world case studies in an exploration of how asset intelligence technology can help organisations improve the quality of data in corporate information systems and drive performance in ways that outpace traditional approaches to asset management. It also covers topics like:

  • The holy grail: A single source of truth
  • What is an asset? Challenging traditional assumptions
  • Evaluating the importance of identifying assets as globally unique for improved asset lifecycle management
  • Understanding barcoding and RFID asset tagging technologies for gathering real-time, real-world insights
  • Using mobile EAM to improve asset data quality, productivity and profitability
  • Harnessing asset intelligence software technology to transform legacy information into trusted asset data
  • Putting asset intelligence to work and using it to drive organisational performance
  • The future of asset intelligence. Could it be crowd-sourced?

‘Asset Intelligence: What it is and why it is critical now’ is available as a free registered download from We hope you will enjoy the read!

If you have any questions at the end of it, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Relegen professional services can help organisations develop a roadmap for building capabilities for asset intelligence. For more than a decade, Relegen has been involved in asset identification and tagging projects for Defence, government, mining, manufacturing and industry, at a strategic consulting level as well as in project implementation, management and operation. Our experienced Professional Services team will bring this asset intelligence expertise to your business.