Bridging The Gap With Enterprise Asset Intelligence

Is the data in your corporate information systems reflective of your real-world assets in-the-field? Why is this important? What do you require from future technologies to close the gap?

Recent reports from analyst organisation Aberdeen Group confirm our view that most organisations feel the pain of poor data and see a direct correlation between it and the quality of their business decisions.

In one survey, 70% of organisations expressed their dissatisfaction with the accuracy of their business decisions. In another, 42% cited an alarming amount of business decisions are based on inaccurate and incomplete data. Others voiced concerns about the vast amounts of data that remains inaccessible, underutilised and still too siloed to develop a clear picture – all whilst operational budgets are shrinking and the pace of business continues to accelerate.

The missing link…

There is quite simply, a missing link – the link between data and assets, between fiction and reality, which is compromising decision-making and exposing organisations to significant risk. At Relegen we call this missing link ‘asset intelligence’. And it’s not just us doing the talking. Asset intelligence was named by Deloitte as one of the top technology trends shaping business and it is a term gaining traction across the asset management industry.

How asset intelligence helps to bridge the gap…

The good news is that with the advent of new systems like assetDNA, enterprise asset management and all of the business processes it affects, is set to improve. Asset intelligence software works with existing systems – EAMs, ERPs, CMMSs – to integrate enterprise-wide asset data with real-time inputs from sensors in-the-field to deliver a ‘single, authoritative point of truth’ and a complete picture of your business capabilities.

Innovative organisations are using asset intelligence technology in a variety of ways to transform the role of asset management, streamline operations and extend their competitive edge. We will of course feature a variety of these applications in future posts.

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