‘assetDNA Software Quick Tour’ Now On YouTube

After receiving so much great feedback from our user community about our first video, we’re pleased to announce that our second clip is now playing on YouTube. Take the new assetDNA software quick tour and discover how asset intelligence technology can improve your approach to enterprise asset management and help you make better decisions with data you can trust.

The new quick tour video clip reinforces the importance of asset data integrity for better strategic and operational decision-making. Central to this message is the video’s demonstration of the assetDNA ID that is assigned to each asset, component or part, upon set-up. This is a globally unique identifier that differentiates each individual asset and gives full item-level visibility as they move through workflows, locations, custodians, servicing, lifecycles, part-rotations, supply-chains and more. assetDNA is then able to pass this globally unique ID onto operational assets using 1D/2D barcode or HF/UHF RFID tagging systems and collect field operations data using mobile applications.

So without further adieu, click here to watch the assetDNA software quick tour video. It’s also playing on the Relegen YouTube channel. It’s free to watch and runs for just 6 minutes. We hope you will again give this one a thumbs up!