assetDNA Mobile EAM Apps [PDA] Demo Now Online

We are continuing to receive very positive feedback from the community about our new online demos. Have you taken a look yet? If not, there are three clips now playing and together they provide a good overview of the assetDNA software-tags-mobile ecosystem.

Our newest video is a short demonstration of assetDNA’s ready-to-use mobile apps for improving productivity, streamlining operations, eliminating erroneous data capture and empowering field staff with actionable data to get the job done, smarter.

It does this by helping organisations to collect field operational data and share critical asset information across the enterprise – delivering the right data, to the right people, at the right time. The application runs on a wide range of hand-held devices and works with tags from leading manufacturers such as barcodes, HF and UHF RFIDs, direct part marks – as well as Relegen’s own global unique asset IDs.

The software includes apps for issue, receipt, transfer, stocktake, audit, inspections, jobs or work orders and more. Apps can also incorporate an electronic risk assessment, such as a ‘Take 5’, and support the taking of photos on-the-go. These features, and more, are covered in the new video, as well as a demonstration of a physical asset audit.

This video is ideal for organisations exploring mobile enterprise asset management [Mobile EAM] for improving field service delivery and empowering teams with operational documentation and actionable data while they’re on-the-job. Click here to watch the video on It’s also playing on the assetDNA and Relegen YouTube channels. It’s free and runs for just under 5 minutes.

Thanks for watching!